Assaroe Lake Lodge

Early morning mist

Playing in the garden

Our other family members

Fishing on the lake

A beautiful setting

Tom teaching English

An opportunity to learn English whilst experiencing the beauty of the North West of Ireland in a family setting

The Learning Experience

Learn to speak English in a relaxed environment in which English lessons are tailor-made to suit your level of proficiency.  Put into practice what you’ve learnt in the morning on your afternoon trips and activities.

The Fishing Experience

The North-West region has the most varied and magnificent fishing in all of Ireland and our location is spectacularly well-placed to take advantage of the many lakes and rivers in the neighbouring countryside..


Assaroe Lodge was originally built as a fishing lodge. Now, with an added conservatory, study and a new kitchen, Chiara and Tom have transformed the house into a wonderful retreat with views to the lake and forestry.


Read some of the feedback here from previous students, fishermen and happy customers alike!