Dining table and comfy chairs at Assaroe Lake Lodge

Your Hosts


Tom is a native of this part of Ireland.

He is a highly qualified and experienced teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and a professional chef. He had his own restaurant in Piccadilly for many years.

Now he concentrates his energies on his love of fishing, though he is also an amateur mycologist, ornithologist, student of poetry and chess player.


Chiara is the designer of the house with an interest and natural ability dating back from her childhood. She is from┬áthe north of Italy with a strong Austrian heritage which she has brought into the Lodge’s design. She is also an expert cook and has a Mediterranean style kitchen where everything is close to hand.

Outside of the home, Chiara runs a very successful Italian fashion shop for women.

She has a degree in psychotherapy.

Sally & Conn

The other two members of our family are Sally and Conn who are young and friendly dogs.